After 35 years apart, we met … again!

We’re Rick and Calie. We met in high school back in the 80s, reconnected 35 years later and decided pandemic or not, we were meant to (finally) be together. Today, we are husband and wife, parents to eight young adults and grandparents to one amazing grandson (so far). Now we are living our lives – one adventure at a time.

Our travels have taken us all over the United States where we have met some really great folks! We’ve listened to stories, tasted local delicacies, met families and supported local communities. What an incredible world we live in! We are completely enamored by the history and beauty of America and have an extensive bucket list to prove it 🙂 As travel content creators and bloggers, we blog about places to visit, restaurants to try, stunning views not to miss, laughable moments, historical sites and, of course, awesome people that make the world a better place.

Since we both have a regular 9-to-5 job that doesn’t allow us to travel as much as we like, we are intentional in our travel choices. Welcoming each day as “day one” instead of planning for “one day”. We share our adventures through social media and blogging. We can be found via Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest (all @GenXerAdventures). Our goal is to build GenXer Adventures to bring you happiness, motivate you to travel or live vicariously through us.

If you’re a business owner that would benefit from some extra marketing, social media promotions and excellent photos – invite us for a visit! We’re open to mutually beneficial, professional partnerships and sponsorships. Click the button below and let’s get the conversation started.